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At Developmental Consultants, we do goal focused work with children and young adults who have special needs so they can become more independent. Sounds simple enough.

As parents and caregivers, we know it’s not simple.

At Developmental Consultants LLC, we take the time to communicate with you and create an inclusive plan that will best benefit your child. More importantly, we find ways to connect with your child.

It's about the connection.

Developmental Consultants LLC was founded by Robyn Laub OTR/L and since 1997, she has helped more than 600 young people improve communication and increase personal independence. Robyn utilizes a personalized approach with her clients. Each child is different and each situation is unique. Robyn works one on one to build a connection and trust so your child is able to work towards goals. Her approach is family centered. She understands where your child is and meets them there.

Robyn works with clients who have been diagnosed with
• Mild to moderate Autism
• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Intellectual Disabilities
• Down’s Syndrome
• Underlying issues with Dyslexia
• Physicality issues related to Learning Disabilities

Therapy is based upon the individual and modifies as the person’s needs change. As they mature, the approach evolves.

Robyn will help explain why your child is having difficulty and then create a plan around the individual needs. Your child is more than a number. Your therapist should be your partner, a member of your team to help ensure your child’s next steps towards independence.

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