Where Do I Begin with Sensory Processing?
A Deeper Dive into Clinical Observations

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This course is designed to be the perfect addition to my Where Do I Begin with Sensory Processing?  - An Introduction to Identification / Treatment Plans.

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This On-Demand Course Includes:
-1 hour of on-demand video instruction with Robyn Laub, OTR/L
-3 months of unlimited access to the course 
-Access to 2 downloadable resources 
-Personalized certificate of completion
- Lifetime enrollment into the Where Do I Begin With Sensory Processing Facebook Group
This course is an informational course, and in order to keep costs down, no CEUs are offered.

Learning Objectives:
1. OTs/OTAs will improve knowledge and understanding of clinical observations as a means for identifying underlying areas of concern related to sensory processing as well as attention, motor skills, and behavior.
2. OTs/OTAs will be able to determine best practice treatment approaches based on clinical observations as well as standardized and norm-referenced testing provided.
3. OTs/OTAs will determine when to use a bottom-up or a top-down approach based on the child’s priority needs and developmental stage.

Who this Course is for:
This course is intended for OTs and OTAs who either:
-Are new to the field of Pediatrics
-Have limited knowledge or experience with Sensory Processing
-Want to brush up on information regarding combining Sensory Processing into everyday skills
-Want to improve understanding of self-regulation and how to address it using a sensory strategies and insights